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Are you struggling to balance work, family life, exercise and eating healthy? 

Want someone to cut to the chase and show you what really works?

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About Chiomzy

Hi, I am glad you are here!


My name is Chioma Okoye, I am a Registered Nurse and Certified Health Coach.  But what I am most proud of are my titles of mom and wife! My passion is helping others find simple solutions to live a healthier life.

As a busy working mom, I understand the daily challenges that one can experience in the quest to live their best life healthy. My experience with chronic knee and leg pain led me to transform my life and learn everything I could on how to get healthy and stay healthy. 

 After years of practicing self care, eating real food, exercising, and detoxing, I decided to get certified to help others do the same.

As a certified health coach, I help my clients to build self-care skills and improve health behaviors to prevent or improve chronic conditions. If you want:

  • to eat healthier but struggle to know where to start

  • you are stressed out or fatigued

  • struggling to keep up with family and work commitments

  • slowly gaining weight

  • want to establish new and better healthy habits 

  • solutions to help your family develop a lifetime of health

  • prevent disease and unhealthy aging

  • want to loose weight and keep it off

Book a consultation today to find the change you’ve been seeking.

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"My life changed for Good!."

Before I worked with Chioma l was having trouble managing the way I eat. 

She has taught me portion control and how to balance my food and eat healthy.  My results are wonderful! l feel good inside and out, I have lost close to 35 pounds. I  was 235 pounds now l am now 203 pounds just eating the right food. My experience has been great, l have tried on my own to lose weight before but all my efforts failed, not till l met with Chioma did my life change for good because l followed all her guidelines and it is working for me. I recommend  Chioma to everyone! She is very nice, she takes her time to work you through any questions.

Helen A.

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