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Stress Reducer: Laughter

Stress reducer: Laughter

My mom always tells funny stories of what my siblings and I did while growing up, every time I share these stories with my children we end up laughing so hard, as many times as they have heard these stories, they still ask me to tell them the stories all the time and we also share stories of funny stuff my children did and said as toddlers and most of them are either pictures or videos on my phone that we look through from time to time.

I also like to watch funny videos on Facebook usually on weekends, I seek out comedian pages on Facebook and find funny videos to laugh to. Recently I saw a video of a person trying to make fried chicken on Facebook live and he decided to use liquid dish soap to wash the chicken before cooking it and he was shocked by people’s comments on his video, both the comments and his reaction to the comments were very funny.

Laughter can help boost your immune system, lower anxiety, lower stress, decrease pain, relieve tension, improve mood and protect you against heart disease. Laughter brings people together and strengthen relationships.

Create opportunities to laugh by watching a funny movie, TV show, or YouTube video, hanging out with children, game nights, fun activities such as bowling or karaoke. Schedule such activities and reduce stress in your life. How do you plan to get more laughs in your day?


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