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Meal Planning VS Meal Prepping

Planning ahead helps to give me time to think about food choices before hunger and a busy schedule sets in, knowing what to eat and preparing the meal before-hand will decrease the amount of unhealthy food choices consumed and time wasted trying to decide what to eat/cook on a busy morning or evening.

Meal Prepping on the other hand involves fully or partially preparing meals or dishes ahead of time. This can also save a lot of time during the week. Washing up and cutting up veggies can help you cut down on prep time when you are ready to cook, baking the veggies on your day off is a great idea to have those healthy sides ready to go on busy nights.

Planning and prepping meals, helps you save money, save time, reduce stress and eat healthier. In order to make it easy and less stressful, keep it simple, schedule it and don't over think it.

Do you plan or prep your meals ahead of time?

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