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I was very excited at the opportunity to speak at the I CAN Women’s Empowerment Conference at the Victory Temple Spring Lake, NC on the 26th of October 2019 at the invitation of Pastor Blessing Okobi.

Being able to speak with women about taking charge of their health and making self care a priority which will enable them to succeed in all other aspects of their lives was a rewarding experience for me.

As women we tend to put the needs of everyone else ahead of ours. This behavior can lead to increased stress, weight gain, lack of sleep, increased appetite, weight gain, anxiety, depression and sometimes chronic illnesses such as diabetes or hypertension. The ability to take care of your health through self care will otherwise make you feel good, look good and have the energy to be able to thrive at work, business and family life. This we can achieve through the L.E.A.N Lifestyle - the way we live, Exercise - the way we move, Attitude - the way we think and Nutrition - the way we eat.

The women were encouraged to invest time, money and energy to adopt or maintain a healthier lifestyle through eating whole foods, reducing junk food and moving more. They were also encouraged to join my Free Facebook group for women to get support and tips on how to live a L.E.A.N healthier lifestyle.

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